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Thank goodness for LombaMum®

The maternity lumbar belt that’s safe for you and your unborn baby.

LombaMum® is the premium maternity lumbar belt for easing low back pain, pelvic pain and sciatica without affecting your precious unborn baby.
Lombamum maternity belt, pregnancy support belt
LombaMum Maternity Belt for back pain relief

Comfortable support for your tummy and your back you can wear to full term.

LombaMum® has a unique bowl-shaped front with a V-shaped rib. It supports the underside of the tummy without exerting pressure on it. And gives relief to your back pain with unique lumbar support.
You can wear LombaMum® right through to full term using the extra front band included.

Watch this video to see how you can easily adjust LombaMum® to comfortably fit you.

LombaMum® is the premium pregnancy belt for back pain relief.

Research shows, 48% of pregnant women start to suffer from low back pain, pelvic pain and sciatica 24 weeks into their pregnancy, and this peaks in intensity at 36 weeks.
Prepare now to help you be as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy.

Order your LombaMum® Maternity lumbar belt.

Features that make LombaMum® the best maternity belt.

LombaMum Maternity Belt Quality Design

Adjustment is made easy with LombaMum® unique design.

LombaMum Maternity Belt Support
LombaMum Maternity Belt relief from lower back pain

Fully Adjustable

LombaMum® has extra bands for variable adjustments and flexible support. This guarantees optimum support throughout the day when different activities are performed.

Comfortably Soft

Premium, soft materials combined with bamboo and a strong Velcro strip ensure that LombaMum® is a very comfortable, attractive and firm fitting back band.

Universal Sizing

LombaMum® is a premium lumbar band for use during pregnancy in one universal size. Extra front band is included, the product suits women with waist sizes from 82 to 125 cm.

One premium product with so many benefits for you.

LombaMum® Maternity Belt

LombaMum Maternity Belt easy to fit

LombaMum® supports both your abdomen and your back helping to correct your posture.

The premium maternity belt that doesn’t exert pressure on your abdomen ensuring unborn babies are kept safe.

Abdominal support bands lighten the weight of the your pregnant tummy without compressing it.

Relieves Pelvic Instability pain in the pubis, groin or lower back that radiates to the buttocks and legs.

LombaMum® has extra bands for variable adjustment to match your stage of pregnancy.

LombaMum® maternity lumbar belt is designed to ease lower back pain during pregnancy to full term.

Fabrics specially developed for softness and comfort to prevent irritation on sensitive skin.

Premium, soft materials combined with bamboo ensure that LombaMum® is a very comfortable firm fitting back band.​

Extra bands on the side of the LombaMum® reduce tension on the joint ligaments in a natural way.

Make the right choice for you and your baby

Prepare now to help you be as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy.
LombaMum Maternity Belt

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