Extra Large Abdominal Belt


The Extra Large Abdominal Belt is designed for larger bariatric patients.

Supporting waist sizes from 150cm – 180cm to stabilise the thoracic or abdominal areas of your body and is ideal for reducing mild backache.

Made with lightweight fabric, this garment is soft, breathable and comfortable.

Self-fastening adjustment plus finger loops make putting on and taking off easy.

Can be worn all day long next to the skin underneath most clothes without anyone noticing.

Make the smart choice for your body.

  • ideal for mild backache, mild back injuries, abdominal injuries
  • available in 1 adjustable size for a perfect fit
  • available in white
  • our 100% Guarantee
Size Guide
LongSize XL150 - 180 cm

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Who is it for?

Mild backache affects a wide range of people regardless of your fitness level. If you don’t like taking painkillers because of their side effects, you might feel as though you’ll have to live with the pain for the rest of your life. Back and abdomen injuries can cause a great deal of pain. While back injuries are common across all sports, abdominal injuries are often the result of playing collision or contact sports (e.g. American football or rugby). Both are extremely serious and should be treated as soon as possible so you don’t face any long-lasting damage.

Size guide

The Extra Large Abdominal Support Belt has been created in a single adjustable size.

LongSize XL150 - 180 cm

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