Back Support


Back Support is a unisex, fully adjustable, comfortable lightweight back brace encouraging stability plus support for lower back muscles and joints providing a snug and flexible fit that can be worn under everyday clothes.

Made from premium stretch fabric with a plush lining the Back Support retains body heat, warming the lower back area to improve blood circulation which helps injuries recover faster.

Aids recovery and relief from from lower back pain due to muscle spasm, sciatica and joint injuries. Back Support gives you great all round protection for the lower back.

Make the smart choice for your body.

  • Ideal for lower back pain from muscle spasm, sciatica, joint injury
  • adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • One size fits all
  • our 100% Guarantee

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Who is it for?

Ideal for recovery and relief from from lower back pain due to muscle spasm, sciatica and joint injuries.

Size guide

One size fits all.

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100% Guarantee

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